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Regular Pagelines (not DMS)..where is bbPress extension?

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I use iBlogPro5 and can't update to DMS because there is no iblogPro5 theme for DMS...yet. 


My question is where are the regular Pagelines extensions?? I need bbPress and can't find the extension (or is it a plugin?) anywhere. 


Any ideas where these extensions are?

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Since bbPress updated about 2 months ago, there has been no need for any more bbPress or BuddyPress integrations. Thus I do not recommend even trying to use it.


Although DMS doesn't include an iBlogPro child theme, it's actually very, very easy to create one of your own in DMS.


I've attached the plugin.  Install it as a plugin.


However, this does not work with the current version of bbPressYou stand a very high probability of breaking your site.  Use this at your own risk. [attachment=1553:pagelines-bbpress.zip]

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