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Alter 'PostNav' section to work with pages

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Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to change the 'postnav' section to display a selection of pages in the same way it does posts.

This will allow my user to flick through similar pages within a group.



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Ok, great so how would i create my own 'style class' so i can call it for individual sections?


Say I want to hide the next section/button, i think i am on the right track with this.


.hide-next {




But I don't know how to identify the 'next' class.


p.s. Obviously i would paste 'hide-next' in the styling class in the 'postnav' section.

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In the section you're trying to edit, you'll see a Custom Class field.  Type into it hide-next.   Then apply your CSS to Custom Code.

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