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Styling Bloquotes

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It's a bit embarrassing that I can't figure this out. I'd like my blockquotes not to have any special formatting, just to be indented and set off from the text with the left border. Right now they are in italics:  example page. This doesn't work well for a literature blog. I've tried variations of these codes in the Custom CSS form


.blockquote {font-style: normal;}

.blockquote p {font-style: normal;}

blockquote {font-style: normal;}

blockquote p {font-style: normal;}

#site blockquote {font-style: normal;}

#site blockquote p {font-style: normal;}

#site .blockquote p {font-style: normal;}

#site .blockquote {font-style: normal;}


but to no avail. 

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See here - http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/29991-styling-blockquotes/

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This topic is now closed to further replies.