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Blog home page single column

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Not sure if this has been answered somewhere, just not seeing it. if so, just point me in the right direction :-)


I want the home page of the blog to show not just one blog post full width (followed by 2 columns of previous entries), but all posts on the page to be the full width.


I think I saw in another forum entry reference to something called "anyloop" that might do the trick. Sadly the link goes to a 404 and I'm unable to find it in any search.


If it's what you think will work, is it still available? If not, is this a WordPress mod not pagelines?


Thanks for your help!

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When you setup the Wordpress > Settings > Reading > Front page, your homepage becomes a static page. This means, that your blog posts will no longer appear there, unless you use either a loop section such as AnyLoop or use a plugin such as Mini Loop or Special Recent Posts.


Mini Loop is pretty cool as you can add your custom loop via a shortcode, widget or PHP, you can download MiniLoop here - http://wordpress.org/plugins/mini-loops/


You can also view AnyLoop on Nicks store - http://nickhaskins.co/product/anyloop/

Please search our forums, before posting!

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okay.  My bad.  Was a pagelines setting I needed to change to get what I was after.  Probably didn't explain it well or you'd likely have said "doh - settings dummy!".  Said it for you.  Thanks anyway

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Glad to see you have it going!

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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