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Adrianna Lima

Fatal error: Chappy with Multisite

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Adrianna Lima+    0
Adrianna Lima



    I network activated chappy in wordpress multisite ,thereafter create a new site and this error shows


Fatal error: Call to undefined function pl_add_options_page() in /home/multiweb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/pagelines-webapp/chappy.php on line 494


  Can 't even access the website. Please advise.



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ahansson89    57

Just fixed this in update 69.6

You should get the update in wp-admin or you can redownload it from pagelines.com/my-account


If you cannot access the website you can delete the chappy plugin folder located in "wp-content/plugins/chappy".

Sorry for the inconvience.


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      Hi Alex!
      it would seam that Chappy breaks Poppy, or the other way around. Anyways Poppy doesn't work when
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      After i installed the new version, the button links got problems for eg. Try install flipper and click on the navigation arrow button, the website keeps going to the top page of the website. I think it is a js issue

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