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Individual pages broken

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Dear Pageliners, I am afraid I have to depend on your good offices once again. I understand more and more and am learning to tame the DMS beast better by the day. But just before the end of the working day, a strange thing happened - although I cannot recall doing anything but trying CSS styles to manipulate the size of an element, one page become uneditable, i.e. as if it was published, with the little Pagelines button in the bottom right corner. When moving to the other pages, these were still editable and normal in any way. Without making any changes, this spread to another page (on which I had also been working). Then, these pages became HTML only (at least I think that's what it is, I attached a screenshot).  These symptoms spread to two more pages, none of which I had even opened. But at the same time the home page and the last page are still the same as ever and everything works perfectly. On the Chrome browser tab, the broken pages don't show the Pagelines leaf, just a dogeared sheet of paper...


I emptied Chrome's cache. I emptied all caches with MacKeeper. I closed and opened Chrome, logged in and out of the site, shut down the computer and had a cup of tea - all the usual home remedies. In other browsers (I tested Safari and Firefox) it is the same (when looking at the site, I did not log into it).


What should I do? I have a backup made just half an hour before this happened, with BackWPup. But most of all I would like to understand what could be the matter, so that it won't shake my confidence.


I am sure it won't be anything serious, as all the content is visible. And you surely know right away what's wrong. Please put me in the picture, let me know what I might have done wrong or whatcould have caused this and if there are any measures I should undertake.


Yours gratefully, Jan.


Functioning home page:



Broken second page:



 [attachment=1538:Pagelines uneditable page.jpg]

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Good morning, all clear. It is as if the site just needed a good night's sleep. How could this be? I thought I'd flushed every cache known to man. It's a slightly scary experience, but for now under the light of a new day all is well again. Still, if there is a known cause for this it would be reassuring to know, in good time - though the fire's out now, the alarm wasn't false when it was rung.


Thanks and greetings, Jan.

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Hello, I was hasty. The pages are all there again in their CSS glory, but on closer inspection, I cannot edit them. I log into the page, everything is fine for the home page, I can bring up the Editor from below. The follow three pages which have no Editor whatsoever, rather the little Pagelines logo in the bottom corner, as if I was logged out. The last pages work again. What could be amiss? I am perplexed. And after opening and closing these wayward pages again a few times, the CSS is gone, too, it is back to a naked content page as in the screenshot. I do need your help after all and hope that you can point me the way to recovery. Thank you so much, in advance. Yours faithfully, Jan.

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P.S.: I validated my CSS with http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator which Rob recommended in another thread. It's all fine. CSS was the only thing I worked on yesterday. Just in case this helps to narrow it down. And this is the Debug info, for what it's worth:

WordPress Version : 3.6.1 Multisite Enabled : No Current Role : Administrator Framework Path :/web/1/000/072/094/296115/htdocs/schuleverrueckt/wordpress/wp-content/themes/dms Framework URI : http://www.schuleverrueckt.de/wordpress/wp-content/themes/dms Framework Version : 1.0.3 Framework Build : 1.0.3 PHP Version : 5.3 Child theme : Yes
http://www.schuleverrueckt.de/wordpress/wp-content/themes/nicks-base-theme-master PHP memory : 256 Mysql version : 5.1.70 PHP type : Apache2handler PHP User : 72094f58014 OS : FreeBSD Plugins : 10


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Hello again, I am at my wits end as to what is happening, but now I am in a different town, logged in on a different WIFI and all is back again, I can see and edit all pages. So I am back in operation but a bit unsettled - unsure if I won't loose editability and then viewability again at any moment. If I knew what could have caused this and how I should react in future I'd be much assured. After all I can't always travel around the country... Best regards, Jan.

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I am sorry that I was off most of Monday and did not see this.  But I love giving you technical support as you've managed to have a problem and let it fix itself.  It was the easiest support I've done all week. :D


As for the cause; it could be a plugin conflict.  I notice you're using a tinymce editor. That could be the cause or a combination of two plugins.  They're very odd things, as on their own, they can work for me perfectly, but in the combination someone else has, the same plugins can conflict causing all sorts of weirdness.  Don't feel bad.  I've had the same scenario with one of my sites.  I drank some lemonade, took a break and came back to find it working perfectly.  The more complex the system, the more weirdness they experience, but ultimately, DMS did work, which makes me (and I'm sure you) very happy.


I see to you have some of Nick's plugins/sections.  Check with him to make sure they're all 100% compatible.  I'm pretty sure they are, but he would know best.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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