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      Hello Everyone, 
      I think this one is for the pagelines team. 
      I have some trouble with the Adventure section plugin https://www.pagelines.com/product/pl-section-adventure/ that doesn't seem to load in any of the three websites I run using pagelines. 
      I do the setup via the extend platform as usual. It tells me that the plugin is installed and activated but unfortunately it doesn't appear on the page editor.
      I have just tried it consecutively with three websites I own with the same result.
      My intention was to use it with this website: http://launchpadweekend.foundersofthefuture.co/ (free version)
      And I also tried with this website http://foundersofthefuture.co/ (pro license) and this one http://ffactor.me/ (free version). And I have the same problem with each. 
      I would love to see how I could solve this issue. 
      Thanks a lot.