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Updating Framework from 2.1.5 to 2.4.4 (or latest, if there is) - how to solve major problems

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Updating Wordpress and Pagelines Framework I came across major problems and had to restore my site back to Pagelines 2.1.5.


Feature slider did not work and features showed up one below the other, widgets disappeared and more.


I cannot find documents in this forum explaining how to do this.


Can you please direct me to the links or give me the information on how to solve these problems?


Thank you,



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The issue you have is that you're using an extremely old version of PageLines Framework and are now trying to update to the latest version. We can't actually provide support to users who are using out of date software.


If when performing the update, I recommend you do the following performing the update.


Create a backup, of your site, your Wordpress content (using the WP export option), your custom code (i.e. scripts, CSS, LESS.) and your theme settings using the export themes option.


Then disable all active plugins and attempt the update, if you still encounter issues then you will need to show us screenshots of your problems. Either way, this update may be a problem, because of the version of PageLines Framework you're updating from.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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