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Disabling Content between two hooks but leaving the hooks active. Help Needed.

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I've had this problem for some time, but now I need to address it and can't seem to find the fix.


In the Framework posts.php page, I need to disable the content between two hooks, but leave the hooks active since I use them to easily inject code via functions.php [the customize plugin].


Example, from class.posts.php...


        pagelines_register_hook( 'pagelines_loop_before_excerpt', 'theloop' ); // Hook

    if($mode == 'left-excerpt' || $mode == 'right-excerpt')
            printf( '<aside class="post-excerpt">%s %s</aside>', $thumbnail, get_the_excerpt() );
            printf( '<aside class="post-excerpt">%s</aside>', get_the_excerpt() );

        if(pagelines_is_posts_page() && !$this->pagelines_show_content( get_the_ID() )) // 'Continue Reading' link
            echo $this->get_continue_reading_link( get_the_ID() );

        pagelines_register_hook( 'pagelines_loop_after_excerpt', 'theloop' ); // Hook

I want to remove on a per-site basis in a multi-site environment, everything between the two Pagelines_register_hook's so that I can use them to insert before and after the excerpt elements.


Currently, if you disable excerpts in Framework, the excerpt hooks are removed as well. It was an issue I hoped would be addressed prior to DMS coming into existence, but it simple hasn't.


Is there CSS that can remove [not hide it since its an excess process] the process of excerpts?



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I think you're going to need a developer to customize a solution for this.  I'll recommend someone, if you need, but recommend you ask our help desk for a referral by writing to [email protected]


Unfortunately, we can't assist with this complex coding solution, but the good thing is that since DMS launched, there are many more developers, all highly qualified, and able to assist with such customizations.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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