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Stylizing the Widget in the Footer

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colleenc+    1

I am building my site offline (so sorry, no live links at this point).


I have been working on the footer and used the Columnizer, created a custom sidebar, added in the widgets that I needed...and...no styling??


I guess that makes sense, but I like the default styling in the Columnizer, especially the posts feed which showed a thumbnail with the post title. How do I accomplish that? I have searched the forum and the docs and, if it's been covered, I missed it.


Thanks in advance - oh, and to all those that contribute to this forum, THANKS! You have no idea how many questions you have answered for me over the last two weeks!

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colleenc+    1

I have tried applying classes to the widgets in the footer to stylize the fonts. Bold, colour change, etc. I have verified that the code works elsewhere on my site, but not in the footer. I am stymied. Is this a bug?

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Rob    547

Some of us think it's a conflict with Custom Sidebars, and thus a possible bug.  It's being tested.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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