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RevSlider Functunality

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Early today I had to troubleshoot an error I had on my revslider. The caption text seemed to fall off the end whenever the window was resized (see this thread for an example:


I ended up having to type the following into the following into the Slide Extra Elements  field:

<div class="caption slider-content right-side sfr str"




                     data-easing="easeOutExpo" >


<span class="slider-text">

                         YOUR DATA HERE



                         <a href="#" class="slider-btn">Here's a Button!</a>


My suggestion is - maybe create an "avanced" menu that allows the user to adjust the positioning on the xy axis, and perhaps the speed & start timer.


Thanks for your time!



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Hi Josh,


You can add your own HTML to the RevSlider using the Slide Extra Elements option. For more information on how to add your own data see this page -

You can also find a similar topic here -

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