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Change the Background Pictures On Home Page

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    • Khepri
      By Khepri
      When I updated to DMS 2 it broke my REVO theme. So I restored the old files and everything was fine. But then I tried to change themes and update directly with DMS as the theme, still no luck. So I decided to go with the flow and now I can see the new features.

      The problem.
      My Revo theme is neutralized if I want to use DMS two.
      So I put on my big boy pants and moved on only to discover that the boot strap icons that I worked so hard to code into the menu bar are now gone. Any ideas fellas? I want to play in the reindeer games too, but if this turns into a repeat of last summer...
      Any words of wisdom?
      Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated. <3

    • Khepri
      By Khepri
      I keep getting the error "The number of slider images does not match the number of accordion sections.."
      I have the standard full width slider and a Decker plugin by Nick Haskins. I cannot determine which is the culprit. Does anyone else have a clue what this could be? I also found that this was supposedly a Jquery issue that may be built into the  DMS basic sections. 
      I am on an earlier version of DMS because the later versions somehow cause me a great amount of grief with the fixed menu.
      Thank You ahead of time.
    • larrojas
      By larrojas+
      How can I make the logo appear int he fixed NavBar?
      You have a CSS:
      .revo .navbar .plbrand {   display: none; }     How can override this on the custom area in DMS?   Please advise,   Luis
    • blingoblam
      By blingoblam
      I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of the social icons in the header that I don't use. How do you do that?