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Recommended/Conflicting Third Party Plugins ?

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Hi there


Hope all is well with you guys, let me start off by saying that you did a great job with DMS, i waited for a long time but now i had to buy Pagelines and bin all the rest.


It's just too cool and i am looking forward building some great sites with it.


There is some information that would be very valuable for me to have before i end up destroying sites i built and potentially wasting precious time.


Got some very easy questions for you, here we go : 


1.: Do you have a list of third Party Plugins that Pageline DMS plays well with ie. that you can recommend ?


2.: Can use the following third party Plugins ?

   - Wishlist Member for Membership Sites ?

   - Gravity Forms for forms ?


3.: It is my intention to use a backup plugin to back up all the work i do each day, What is the best set and forget WP Plugin to use with Pagelines ?


4.: Do you have a list of third party Plugins that i cannot use or that are known to conflict with Pageline DMS ?


5.: I would appreciate if you could give any advice on which Plugins/Solutions to use that enable me to create Membership Sites with Pagelines.


Thank you very much 

- Corrado




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Hi Corrado,


No specific list of plugins that work, but there are more than 30,000 plugins out there. Kinda hard to make that list.  Best rule of thumb, make sure it's WordPress 3.6 compatible.  Always test the plugins on a development or test server, not on your live site. If it crashes, then your site won't be affected.


Don't know about Wishlist. Hasn't been tested by anyone, but lots of folks use it and I haven't seen complaints yet.


Gravity Forms works.


No idea how to implement a backup plugin.   You might want to backup your entire site, not just the posts/pages... so talk to your hosting company about backup options for the database and entire site. 


The Plugin Compatibility Check List is at http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/28827-dms-plugin-compatibility-check-list/


For membership sites, I use s2Member, but it depends on whether you want a free or paid solution.  There are many different types of membership systems.  s2Member is well known, and carefully maintained by a very professional team, considering that it's free. 


I hope these answers help!

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Hi Rob 


Thanks for getting back.


I did some reserach reguarding backupsolutions and this list is very good. http://www.stateofdigital.com/top-6-wordpress-backup-plugin-recommendations-for-2013/


My host is keeping weekly backups automatically of all sites on a weekly base so for sites where not alot is happening its ok and enough.


If sites get busy and you add new content every day or hour then i would recommend Vaultpress which for a regular User like me is a dream come true, it's made by Automattic too so it's great and no messups.


As for Plugin compatibility i will do as you suggested and always run a development copy of the site and try new plugins out there first.


Optimize Press seems to have these issues as well after their latest update that features a visual editor similar to DMS.


You might find this article here interesting : http://help.optimizepress.com/customer/portal/articles/1254497-why-some-themes-and-plugins-don-t-work-with-optimizepress-




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Thanks Corrado!

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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