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Collapser & SEO

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LECDelhi    2

Hi tmeister or anyone.


If I put my content inside the collapser, it seems like Google and others won't be able to search and get the key words from my page content.


Below is the key word density for my page with collapser, pretty much no wards inside the collapser came out in search. 



Is there a way around it?

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Simon    247

Maybe because by defualt the section has hidden elements? Did you try using the google tools? They have a 'this is how googlebot sees your page' tool

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LECDelhi    2

Simon_P Thanks You!


@tmeister  False Alarm!! I am a newbie, still figuring out dms.



Collapser is a great plug-in! 

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Rob    547

I'm very happy to see you're pleased with DMS and Collapser!

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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