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This is probably really easy so advanced apologies for this "newbie" question!

I'm writing a new site and am using an ordinary page with the "comments" section in place.  The idea is that users of a service can leave feedback on it.


The comment section automatically adds the text "(number) of responses to (page title)".

I would like to know how I can edit this or even remove it completely?


Any help / pointers will be appreciated.


Also, having come from a Dreamweaver background, if anyone can recommend any current WP books that are worth getting to improve my knowledge please?

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James Giroux

Hey there!  Not sure if the answer I have is helpful but I think that might be a WP thing.  I'm not totally sure but if you can't get it to work the way you want it,  you could try a comments plugin like Disqus that might present it a little differently.  If you're not afraid of the code, check the DMS folder and see if you can find the comments section (in the sections folder).  You might be able to edit that file directly and eliminate the parts you don't like.


Hope that helps!



James Giroux, CEO

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