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I have a static home page and I am trying to create an area on it that displays the news about what I am doing to the site. I'd like if possible if it could be displayed in a box with a scroll bar. I'm thinking that I need to create a post called news and then display it in the box but i;m not sure if this is the right way to go about it. Then I would have to keep editing the post when I had new news which seems clumsy. Would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. I'm sure I have seen this sort of thing on other sites. I don't want to list latest posts because it is an article based website. just want a simple way of displaying news.


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You can create a category for display in the sidebar, and use a plugin like Special Recent Posts to display it with a similar appearance to the blog.  But SRP doesn't actually scroll.


There's a slider called "Recent Posts Slider" which lets you set the category IDs for any categories you wish to display.  You can easily customize this to display the title, feature image and other info for the posts in your custom category.


There are some scrolling RSS readers, which could, in theory, display a simple RSS feed in rote.  However, I've never been able to get them working on any PL based site, since before PlatformPro.

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