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Parent Drop Down Menu Not Clickable

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I am using the Simple Nav section in a child theme, the the problem is that the parent menu is not clickable.

If I hover on the parent menu link it show this http://localhost/cartdemo/my-account/#m2 instead of http://localhost/cartdemo/my-account.

Please I don't know how this can be fixed.


Am image is attached below.



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This is how the NavBar/Fixed NavBar have been designed, they're based on the Bootstrap navigation. Any menu item in the Bootstrap menu that has child items i.e. submenu/dropdown menu, will act as an anchor and upon click will activate the dropdown/submenu. This means that the parent menu item will no longer be a working link.


If you do not like this functionality, you will need to use an alternative menu, such as Simple Nav or some of our users have began using the UberMenu plugin.


You can also do the following and use your parent menu item as a label, for example:


Lets say you have a menu called About us, with child links for Company info, Policies etc.. Usually the About us would also be a link to your About us page. However, due to the design of NavBar, this isn't possible, as you already mentioned above.


So what you can do is this:


Create a Menu call it About and add no link as there is no need.

Now add another menu item call it About Us and add the link to your About us page, then add your Company info menu item, Policies menu item etc..

This way when you click on the About parent item, you activate your dropdown/submenu and then you will have child links for About us page, Company info page et...

Please search our forums, before posting!

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