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Placing a graphic on top of Hi Slider (wordpress slider widget) object.

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jbreg    1

I've tried just about every way I can think of to place a graphic on top of an animated image slider I created using the Hi Slider
The header banner looks fine..

The site (created with XWDMXP) looks fine.

The problem is I can't place the logo on top of the header banner. You can see how it's obscured at the top of each page. All that's visible of the logo is the top and bottom portions (see the center of the header banner).

I placed the animated banner code in the <head> and <body> of a placeholder as a repeating page element.

I've tried placing the logo above everything else in the layer stack but it has no affect.

Can anyone recommend a technique to force the logo graphic above the animated banner? Perhaps there's a Xara utility to export the banner to some other format that works better in this case?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Danny    1,327
Hi, I am slightly confused as I have no idea what Hi SLider is or XWDMXP ? Can you provide a link to your site please. However, if you're having issues with a specific slider, then the best course of action is to contact the developer of the slider for assistance, we do not provide support for third party plugins.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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