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DMS Failed On Install - Multiple Attempts

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Symptom: Newly Installed Pagelines DMS broken on front end.

History: Installed latest DMS on server which has several other websites with successful DMS installs.

Conditions: I installed DMS and removed it several times. I checked for other errors mentioned in this forum. I turned off ALL plugins. I'm using Chrome. DMS front end editor is broken and won't resolve despite several installations, removals and re-installs.


Here is my URL: http://gauerdreamschool.com

Here is PHPInfo.php: http://gauerdreamschool.com/phpinfo.php

The broken front end is becoming a common visual but here's a screenshot: 

Staff: Want access to WP and Cpanel? I'll be happy to provide it.
It seems that this is a recurring issue that could start to do some real damage to your brand. I'm in a production business here and I'm starting to question the effectiveness of using a theme/platform that could be a crapshoot on success. Not there yet, but this has eaten up too much precious time. This website is a volunteer project so I guess I could just use Pagelines Framework and skip the newest look offered by DMS but I'd like to give them the most awesome website possible. If this were a paying client, I'd be hard pressed to explain why I'm spinning my wheels waiting to resolve an initial installation issue with the makers of the very thing that's supposed to be the latest, best development platform.



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Hi Dave,


I have just visited the website and DMS appears fine, have you resolved the issue ?

Please search our forums, before posting!

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DMS looks great until you log in. Then the entire interface is broken as shown in my graphic. Shall I send you login credentials?





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For one thing,  that image... you have way too many browser panels open.  It's cutting your computer's memory resources. 


Next, you may have a plugin causing the issue, so deactivate them.  It could also be a browser add-on.  But I am mostly expecting this is a computer memory issue.


What happens if you browse to edit with only one panel and one thing open on your computer?

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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I'm pretty sure you didn't read my original post too closely. One of the first things I said with all-caps emphasis is that I had turned off ALL plugins. I have 8GB of RAM and a quad-core processor which handles this level of browser use with ease all the time, but in an attempt to preclude further unnecessary delays and the usual course of eliminating end-user errors and abuses, I created a session where every other program and every other tab was turned off so that all the 8GB RAM and processing power were solely focused on the one Chrome window. I even went one step further. Instead of just de-activating all plugins, I completely deleted every one of them, even Akismet and good old "Hello Dolly."


Once I deleted all the inactive plugins, the interface started working.


No one should have to completely remove plugins commonly installed by script installers just to get DMS to work. I'm beginning to suspect that all is not well with something that Pagelines has programmed in there. I'd say DMS has some growing up to do.


Don't get me wrong. I think DMS is a great product but I think your customers may be getting a little tired of being found guilty until proven innocent. I know I'm no fan of that approach. What I'd appreciate, and I think everyone would appreciate, is a robust product that isn't so delicate that the slightest thing can break it. It would also be helpful if the typical response to frustrated users would rise above assuming that the user has done something "wrong" to break the product. It should't be that easy to break should it? After all, this was the product that was going to revolutionize the web design industry. I think that it can do just that, but not until it gains a little more maturity and Pagelines staff doesn't feel so compelled to blame users for deploying the product in real-world environments. Seriously, deactivated plugins should not break a theme or platform should they? 


Anyway, I do appreciate all the hard work that went into this product but now it's time to acknowledge that it has some flaws and maybe find a way integrate that acknowledgement into the support dialogs. Perhaps you should engage a team of post-beta testers who can provide you with some of this real world feedback without presuming that we're all out of whack when it comes to finding flaws in the product. Some of us may be able to help you improve it.

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Dave, I appreciate your kind offer to beta test. That's a decision outside my scope as a moderator. 


My reply was not intended to upset you and must assuredly not to accuse you or make you feel guilty about anything.  I reacted to what I saw.  After handling more than 2700 DMS topics,  I've learned that several things can cause your problem... and so short of being at your computer doing what you're doing and seeing it as you do, I look at the screenshots you provide and have to go through a process of elimination. 


Please don't take insult to that. It's the only good way of getting to the bottom of a complex issue. Since you've eliminated plugins, shut down surplus browser panels... the only things left for me are to deal with browser add-ons or settings.  I'll leave it to you to experiment if you desire, with that subject.  We have found some browser add-ons can cause issues with DMS.  By add-ons, I'm referring to anti-virus integrations, popup blockers, etc. I don't even know if you have any of those. 


I assure you too, we want nothing less than for your installation to be up and running.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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