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Google maps short-code and security alert

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I am embedding google maps in a simple web page:

The maps embedded in a bootstrap modal and I have 5 of them in the page.


I am using this code to generate them dynamically, so that the user will be able to set is own locations (you can see theme in the "Where and Who" section of the page, when tapping a location).

<?php $address = '[googlemap width="100%" height="300" address="'.get_sub_field('address').'"]' ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode($address); ?>

The problem is that even that the map is loaded it's not pointing to the correct location, And I am getting this error for each:


Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL from frame with URL,+Jerusalem,+Israel&output=embed. Domains, protocols and ports must match.




Any help ?





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I'm afraid to say I'm not a programmer and we generally don't provide coding support here. You may need a programmer for this.


Where did you get the PHP code?


Also, you may need to convert the PHP to shortcode via a plugin from called Shortcode Exec PHP.

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