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Unclear on how Ultimate Social functions

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Ultimate social looks great. However, before buying, I want to double check a few things. 1) Does it allow for the counters not to be displayed? 2) I'd prefer to have clicks automatically "like" the Facebook page, or automatically publicly recommend the google plus page, and not navigate away from the site to the Facebook page and to the Google Plus page. That is to say, I'd like people to stay on my website after they click on the buttons. Does Ultimate Social have this capability? 3) I would only be using this for Facebook and Google Plus--can I change the order so that Google Plus displays first, and Facebook displays second? (Not counting on this last option being a reality, but checking just in case)


I'm sorry if I'm not asking these questions in the right place. Please let me know if I should be asking this question somewhere else.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



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You can hide counters with css if you do not want them.

Direct like is not supported yet. Might come in a later version.

You can add two shortcodes and let the Google Plus display first that way.

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      I have the same problem as http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/32313-ultimate-social-google-and-pinterest-buttons-missing/ (topic closed). 
      What do I do?
    • vogelwild
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      Hi Aleksander,
      I've just bought the plugin and it looks great, but the google and pinterest buttons are not showing up.
      There is an empty space (as big as the buttons would be) between the twitter and the linkedin button.
      - latest dms-version (pro)
      - latest plugin-version (download today)
      - php safe mode is off
      - php version 5.4.21
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      Hi Aleksander,
      I am considering buying ultimate social - looks pretty good!
      2 questions:
      One is - this is a sharing plugin right - allowing people to share contents on their own social media? 
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      Hi, so I saw the other post about the missing icons (other than FB, Twitter, and email) and for me it's not due to a CDN. I've discovered that they all show with http:// but as soon as the site is in https:// all but the ones mentioned disappear. What needs to be done to fix this?

      Thank you.
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      Hi. I'm using your Ultimate Social plugin. Thanks for all the hard work you do - I use a number of your plugins with DMS sites.
      My question is this: the email button does not appear to be configurable. Right now, when you click the email button it launches the email client and fills in the email body with
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