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Framework Plus Extension Availability

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Hello Everyone, 
If you previously had a PageLines Plus subscription and would like access to the Plus Extensions you previously received, please send an email to (our support desk) and they will happily send you the Plus Extensions directly by email.  
Please anticipate possible delays in reply. The forum moderator team will not be able to provide these to you via the forum. 
These extensions are for PageLines Framework only.  Use of these extensions in other PageLines products is possible, but not guaranteed or supported.  These extensions will only be available to those who were previous Plus Subscribers up to July 24th, 2013.
Thank you all for your patience. 
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Thank you Martin.  This should make it much easier for Framework owners to extend their sites using these great tools.

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Hello, I have mailed the but no replies! 

I also email a mail about the facebook all in one section problem , but it replied immediately. 


So, should I wait more?? 

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Hello kakadong,


I am informed that you were sent an email from our help desk four days ago with the extensions attached as a zip file.  It is possible your server rejected it because of the file size, or it may have gone to your junk folder.


My colleague James has resent it tonight. Please check your junk mail folder, and if not present, please contact your host to enable larger file sizes.  Kindly let us know if you've received it. 


Thanks for your patience.

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have a problem with framework since cople of days


impossible to activ it on a new website....

just lite edition.


you send me on in a zip file when u had a big attak 2 month ago, but it s not working now ???


(have a pro licence from Mars, 110 dollars US :)


please writhe me a solution héhé



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This topic isn't for support, but is a notification, if you have an issue please create a topic.

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