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jQuery Not Working in my site..

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Hi guys!


I have a nested accordion in my site working properly. But now I want to add some icons next to the titles to show when the accordion is collapsed or not..


I have been trying to achieve this with jQuery but I can't make it work. jQuery seems to be NOT running I don't know why..


I used this example: http://jsfiddle.net/m6R44/


It doesn't work. I added the jQuery to the "Custom Javascript or Header HTML" area and the HTML to a text box..


The collapse works perfectly but the icon remains the same..





Two things.. How I can make the jQuery work.. and is there another way to achieve the dynamic icon with the accordion collapse?

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I too am having jquery problems and looking for help getting it working on my site.

Specifically it is not working on the following page http://www.gocycaine.com/GoCyCaine/featureproperties/ 

I spoke with the developer of the wiget I am using for the listings, they said it is broken because my theme is not handling it right.

Maybe it is not installed right

etherway, it is not working and I am looking for support, even paid support to fix it.

is there anyone out in the forum who can help?

[email protected] 

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May not be of any help, but I am using LayerSlider WP, and the plugin told me jQuery wasn't up to date (WP 3.6 and DMS 1.0.3). Plugin suggested jQuery Updater plugin. Once I installed, slider worked fine. Maybe worth a try?

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Thank you, I installed it and ran it but still no luck

Any other ideas are appreciated.


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jQuery is built into, and a critical component of DMS.  It uses the most recent version.  If a new one was released, we didn't hear about it. DMS is only 7 weeks old. I doubt any new releases came out without our notice.

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