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content doesn't show on normal page

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No content shows on normal page, http://www.baeno.nl/ao-deskundigen-test/,  which I made a few months ago. When I do a search test (for example: "Irma") it works but no content is on the page and on the searchresult just one result with no content. I put next question on the plugin forum and they have a question about youre theme. Please can you answer their question to me?


My question to www.wp-types.com

For a while I didn't worked on my test with views en types. Now I have to continue this part of my client website again. By looking at what i made a few months ago I discoverd that now i can only see my testpage when I'm logged in as an administrator and cann't see the test when I'm not logged in as administrator.

A few months ago I didn't have this problem because I tested it whit my client then and no problem seems to appear at that moment while testing.

Didn't change anything in the meantime, what can be the issue what causes this mysteries problem?

Answer plugin www.wp-types.com

I did a quick test using a default wordpress theme and it is working fine as expected, it is a compatibility issue indeed. The best way in this case is get in touch with the theme author, asking if there is some function that restrict some parts of the theme (pages, areas). We need his help to make it fully compatible.


Please will you be so kind to help with this problem.

Kind regards

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You are not the first person to complain about wp-types.com's plugins.  It appeared to have broken in both Framework and DMS just about the time WordPress changed to 3.6.  I suspect there's something incompatible with any site design product using javascript, jquery, or ajax.


The way they can help to fix this is to download DMS from our website at http://www.pagelines.com and then they can use the developer docs here: http://docs.pagelines.com/developer/section-api.  I've had other third party developers do this successfully.


I realize you're using Framework, and not DMS, however, that's the best way for them to create a proper solution.


Please keep in mind that DMS is the best thing since Wordpress (not my words, those of critics and customers). 


Unfortunately, we can't work backwards to make their plugin work in our system.  That's really up to them.

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