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DMS theme creates hundreds of database queries

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I have a VPS with 4gb ram and 4 cpus, it is pretty well optimized and serves other wordpress sites really fast. In fact, it serves sub-sites on my multisite superfast if it's using another theme than DMS.


So, what is up with this? For one of my subsites it did about 270 queries and took about 2 sec to complete, then the site starts to load, so the wait time is really long.


It scores really well, between 90-96 on yslow (grade A or B depending if it uses CDN) and pingdom.



Running latest wordpress with the latest dms. Not much plugin and only very good ones, like gravityforms.

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So how come it makes such a lot of queries? What can be done to improve the speed? The files are not loading slow, but the hole experience feels pretty slow.


I don't really want to use wp supercache or w3tc since I don't like the way those handles multisite installations.

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I am not a database expert, but the 270 queries doesn't sound right. I will speak to one of our developers and see what they suggest.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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What were the 270 queries?

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