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Columns disappeared on free Platform Wordpress theme

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I have the free version of platform running on Wordpress. It is going to be a live news site.


Until last night I had a functioning website I was about to launch. It had a main column and 2 sidebars that I had set up using the layout dimensions in the Pageline Settings.


I have spent months working on this to get it right.


I was just about to start my news site and the pagelines settings froze and I lost the layout. I now have just the default layout, one very wide main column and a very wide side bar, which is not suitable for my needs.


I have updated the layout javascript file and cleared the cache on my browser. That unfroze the settings page but any changes I make to the layout don't take affect. The save button works but nothing actually saves.



I have researched online and there is obviously an issue with this component of Platform going back years.


I have lost a lot of time and I'm extremely worried about the situation. 


All I need are my 3 columns back (main column 400px, side bar 1 360px, side bar 2 200px) and everything will be fine.


I am aware the solution to this problem in code terms is trivial but I have read forums and it seems that Pagelines staff are more keen to guide users with this problem into a solution that costs them money.




Apart from this problem the software is excellent and I will probably upgrade to Framework in the next few months as my content volume increases, but for now, the free version is adequate.


Please help me recover my 3-column layout!




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Steve, forgive me. I did answer this yesterday, and my reply vanished.


PlatformPro is outdated, and deprecated since June 1st.  Support formally ended July 1st.  The problem you're experiencing is not to be unexpected.


It could be a conflict with a plugin, or, it simply could be that WP 3.6 has broken it. 


I'd urge you to consider updating to DMS.   Just last night I upgraded a PlatformPro site to DMS in less than 2 hours.

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