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Iain Griffin

Multiple Simple Navs

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Iain Griffin    0
Iain Griffin



Before a recent update (Wordpress/DMS?), I'd set up to use multiple simple navs on my website - one in the header and two in the footer. Each were assigned a custom menu I'd created by using the front end edit selection. 


Now this isn't possible because of updates and it's broken my set-up. I can no longer assign each simple nav with its own custom menu, it's a global one set in the back end menu option.


Is there a way to recreate / overwrite this so I can assign multiple navs in the same site? I know I could use widgets and custom menus, but I'd prefer to return to what I had before if possible.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Danny    1,327

Hi Iain,


So before the update you were able to assign different menus to the Simple Nav and now this isn't the case ?

What update are you referring to, a Wordpress update, a DMS update ?


Because, I have just this moment, added two Simple Nav sections to my template and assigned them with different menus. Each menu displayed without any issue.



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Iain Griffin    0
Iain Griffin

Hi Danny,


Thanks for replying. Yes, I had 3 Simple Navs set up, each with different menus assigned. Then I installed an update (I'm not sure if this was DMS or WP that caused it) and now I can't seem to individually assign a menu to each nav. 


Your example is exactly what I'm trying to do (and did do before) but now can't for some reason.


I'm all up-to-date, running WP 3.6 and DMS 1.0.2 (using a child theme). 


Can I ask, how did you assign each Simple Nav with it's own menu? Before, I could do this from the DMS edit window from the front end, but now there isn't an option to do so, only a styling class box.




Instead I now have to go to Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations and assign here. Although there's only one 'master' box.



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