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Login logo and favicon

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After updating neither of these uploaded logos work any more. They are still visible in the global changes section and there is no mention that these are premium utilities.

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First, let me apologize for the inconvenience.


The icon file can be uploaded to your site via FTP.  As long as the file name is favicon.ico the site should default to that.


I'm not sure why the other images aren't working presently.

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There's an easy work around which is to use a plugin or simply change the image (image path available from various utilities). No big deal but needs to be fixed or delete the option?

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      I'm using the old Pagelines Framework and trying to change the favicon image.  I have not updated to the newest framework, when I did that before, everything got seriously out of whack so until I can rebuild, I'm keeping it as is.  I am using the current Wordpress version.  When I go to site options where you change the logo, I've uploaded a 16x16 also with .ico extension but it's not updating.  Any ideas?  
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