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Parallax image wrap trouble (REVO, CITI, etc)

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I am having trouble with the parallax feature in wrapping images in the background. It takes the bottom of the image and places it at the top in every configuration that I have come up with... hopefully the pic will make this description clearer:



Here's what I have already tried:

1) resetting everything, including deleting and re-adding sections entirely

2) multiple image sizes for the background

3) turning theme off and resinstalling completely

4) yes, the prob persists across multiple browsers and wether I am logged in or out as admin


I personally am trying to use the REVO theme, but I have seen similar concerns with CITI and others.


Really appreciate any help here.

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James Giroux

Hey Andy.


The issue is around the height of your image.  In order to get it to really work the way you want it, you have to make sure that the height of your image is significantly larger than the space you want the parallax effect to work in.  For example, if your section height is 300px, you should probably have an image with a height of at least 1200px to 1500px.  


To be honest though, I don't really like the parallax effect built into DMS, I use ET's parallax section called Depth Charge which does a lot of work to help images smaller than that load properly and just expands the functionality of parallax for DMS in a really sweet way.


Hope that helps!



James Giroux, CEO

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