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Why am I stuck with DMS Basic?

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I have a DMS Developer license.  I was grandfathered in.  When I login to my account I see that I have a Developer license.  I have downloaded the dms.zip file.  I have uploaded it in Wordpress.  I have activated my account within the DMS console within WordPress.  It even shows my Karma points.  Yet, I am unable to update/upgrade to the Developer version. 


How do I get upgraded to the version that I am paying for?  Do I need the Pro Activation Key?  If so, just email it to the account on file. 


Thanks in advance. 

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James Giroux

Hey There!


Thanks for the question and I'm sorry you're having difficulties getting set up.  In order to get the pro version of DMS working you need both your account email address and the activation key.  The my-account page has changed a lot in the last few weeks as they continue to refine it but if you click on the "my membership" tab and then on the order number, you'll be brought to a page that includes both your email and activation key so you can get sites upgraded to pro.  If you don't have that page or don't have that account set up then someone from the staff team will have to help you out.  The best way to do that is to email [email protected] and explain the situation to them.


Hope that helps!



James Giroux, CEO

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Thank you James That resolved/solved my problem. 

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