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Bug - Adding Column Section but will not save.

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Kind a big issue. 


Just deployed a new site for our business and began building. Fresh Wordpress install with most current version of DMS. 


Adding sections to the layout and getting a spinning saving icon that WILL NOT GO AWAY. When refreshing the page, the added section is gone (never had being saved).


Pressing publish button will neither get the spinning saving icon to go away nor, complete the save.


Website link:


Please help...


Thanks ahead,



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In fact, all the sections when added do not save, but cause the saving spinning icon to spin.

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Believe it or not, but the Hubspot Plugin was causing the error. THIS REALLY SUCKS SINCE WE JUST DISHED OUT 10K for the MARKETING SOFTWARE... any advice about this...? Can this be researched for customer who are using Hubspot, and looking for a simple design solution for their website like DMS?

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Are there other plugins installed?


Something other than DMS may be conflicting with your expensive system.


It can also be a browser add-on or plugin.

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