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Folio questions

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I recently bought Folio and really like it but I have some questions:


1. WordPress tells me there is an update for Folio. But even after updating, which seems to work fine, I still get the notification to update. 


2. Is it possible to let the 'link' button open in a new tab?


3. The title and images added to the 'details' pop up are not responsive. Will this be changed in a future update?


4. I changed the 'link' and 'details' button color but can't figure out how to also do it for part of the hover color and the color that appears when I actually click on the button. It's still dark blue instead of light blue:






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1. There is still some bugs in the update function that PageLines made. 

2. Good idea, I will add this soon.

3. It is standard bootstrap, so should be. Will look into it.

4. The hover overlay color is linked to the link color for more consistency. I will add a button picker option in next update.

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Um, yes, that makes sense, could have come up with that myself ;)


Now I only need to figure out why Folio messes with the category pages.


Any ideas?

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I did that earlier today and it didn't work.

Now I did it again and it worked.

No clue why but happy it did :)


thanks for all the help


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I have no clue why, but I can't even get Folio to display on my site without an error:


Fatal error: Call to undefined method Folio::get_the_id() in /home/colelati/shoulderstheband.com/wp-content/themes/pagelines/sections/sections/folio/section.php on line 27


What is that? Why is there no documentation for this?
Any help would be great.


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