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Are plugin shortcodes supposed to be able to render if put into a text box section?

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I'm almost 100% sure, but please help clarify--


I've added a Text Box section.


I can put in a PL shortcode like:


  1. [pl_modal title="Title" type="btn" colortype="info" label="Click Me!"]
  2. Some content here for the cool modal pop up. Labels, badges, and buttons can open them!
  3. [/pl_modal]


And that totally works.


But if I put a Plugin short code in like:


[rev_slider home] or  [nggallery id=1] -- then it does not work.


In the case of rev_slider -- nothing displays -- not even the shortcode, it's just a thin grey bar... looking like its trying to make the shortcode happen, but not succeeding.  (btw, I know there is a rev-slider section, but I want to take advantage of the WP Plugin's nicer GUI to set the elements that fly in etc so my client doesn't have to mess with divs and all that. 


In the case of the nggallery - it does trigger something in the shortcode, but unfortunately it just spits out a bunch of text, looks like the HTML gets stripped out:




[Show as slideshow]





So the question is, I guess --- are Text Boxes supposed to be able to render the shortcodes of plugins? 
I can get the plugin shortcodes to out put properly if instead of a text box, I just use a post loop and display it that way... but it would be way cool if I could just pop any short code into a text box vs. having to rely on the extra step of pulling in a page or post content.
Here is what it looks like live:


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Hi Jason,


I've had some weird experiences with DMS and shortcodes lately.  It's not DMS' fault, but the plugin behind the shortcode. 


On my dev site, I purchased a non-PL 3rd party slider. Used the shortcode, and no success. I went to WP.org, downloaded another non-PL slider, and it works a charm.  The difference? The first wasn't 3.6 compatible, and the 2nd was.


I noticed you're using Nextgen gallery. Well, NextGen has been having issues for lots of people.  Go to their site and use an earlier version or use the WP built in gallery from the Media Library.  That's great... love it.


If the plugin behind the shortcode has a javascript or jquery or even ajax error or an outdated version, it could break or not render correctly.  I try to remind everyone that DMS uses the most advanced technologies out there. Many follow suit, but other developers aren't so savvy, and so their products fail.  While Nextgen is very savvy, I suspect they're keeping their code a bit behind the times to accommodate the vast range of systems on which it's used.


My easiest solution, I'm sorry to say... is to find substitutes that are WP3.6 compatible.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Thanks for clarifying .. it's interesting that the Rev Slider ( as a WordPress Plugin -- NOT the Included Section) -works like a charm if it is pulled into the design on a page, via the Post Loop, but the same shortcode, put into the text box, does not work.


In my case, I created a page and called it "Home" -- then, in the WordPress admin -> Settings - General and set "has static page" to "Home."


With this done, I can use the "Post Loop" section allowing me to paste in the shortcode by going into the main WordPress admin --> Pages, edit "Home" and paste the short code in there.


Voila - via the "Post Loop" section it now displays. 


I had to do a little extra CSS work, as Post Loops get 15px of padding by default, so you'll also need to add this to your CSS if you want to use the Rev Slider's WordPress plugin (vs the section) -- and have it edge to edge:


#pl_areaaqiv1f .pl-content {padding: 0px;}


Note that you will likely need to do an inspect element via Firebug to find out the ID of the enclosing DIV - - and replace #pl_areaaqiv1f  with whatever your ID is.


I did the CSS this way so it would only remove the padding from the section containing my post loop - if you were to just use .pl-content {padding: 0px;} -- then you might find that things that look better with that padding are now edge to edge on the browser.



If you're wondering - why not just use the section? The reason is, that the WordPress plugin has more WYSWIG features to control the appearance/animation of the text & additional element overlays.


With the REV Slider Section, you've got to put in all into the  < div > codes ... easy for me, but not for my client :)

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I don't want to hijack this thread but I just posted a similar question re: SlideDeck2 here http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/29510-slidedeck2/


This is info seems hopeful for a work-around but right now I can't get DMS to save any changes I make which may or may not be related to what I'm trying to do! I just tried adding the post loop instead of the text box and it will not save. I'm pulling my hair out here.

Sheila Hoffman | Hoffman Graphics | Seattle

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I understand this is being looked into. 

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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