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Steve Kayser

Blog Template, CSS Color styling & Plugins

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Steve Kayser

Three quick questions.


1. I have no template for a blog - yet I see it in the dcumetnation. How is it added?

2. My styling section - color - is not working. It will not save .. for example "my-black-area" stays the same color when I try to change it.

3. Is there a list of plugins that should be used with DMS? I uploaded the theme into a previous test site and the plugins I had conflicted with it.



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Hi Steve

1.Create a new blank page titled 'Blog', then set 'Blog' as the 'Posts page:' in Admin > Settings > Reading and then drag "Content/PostLoop", then you can modify it as you like 


2. You can see this for information



3. Please got to this


Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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