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Framework to DMS Upgrade Question

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I am planning to migrate my site http://runneracademy.com from Framework to DMS. I have been thinking about how to best accomplish this. My thought is to take a copy of my existing site and put it on a local development server using XAMPP and then installing DMS and making the needed tweaks, CSS work and testing everything out to a child theme.


My question is how to handle new content added to the live site while this is going on (blog posts for example). 


Am I correct to assume that new content is not an issue in that I can make all the styling on the local server version with DMS and get everything looking good and then simply update the live version to DMS, install the child theme, update the custom CSS and then the site should be migrated? Any new content would just follow the styling rules made on the local version? I would only plan to add blog posts, etc.




Is it better to copy and paste the site content updates to the local version to keep them in sync and then push it all over at once?


Thanks for any input.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.