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Postpins Meta link color

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I am using this code to customise postpins, but I couldn't change the color of category displayed in pins. What am I missing here.


How can I change the color of categories, date and add comment displayed in the pins.



.post-meta .metabar {font-size: 14px;}
.post-meta .metabar em {color: #191970;}
#site .metabar a, #site .metabar em {
color: #191970;
/* postpins background color*/
.postpin { background: #F0FFF0; }
.pin-excerpt {display:none;}
#site .postpin .pin-meta {

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This should work:

.pin-meta a, .pin-meta, .fetchlink a, .fetchlink a:hover {
    color: #FFAA78;

Change #FFAA78 to the color of your choice. You can also use RGB or RGBA (if you wish transparency).

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Tried it still no change





I just wanna change color of categories displayed, date and add comment link. Problem is its not visible, whatever background i choose.

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Try the following:


#site .pin-meta, .pin-meta a {
color: #F00;

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Thanks Danny.


Worked partially.


Date color has changed but not category and comment link.


Even if can change category color to somewhat visible then that would be wonderful.


Thank you for your kind support.

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Thanks Rob and Danny.


Added Rob's code after Danny's and it worked.


Thousands of thanks



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