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Navigation Colors (colours) on hover should be changed too

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I've notice that changing...


Global Settings > Color & Style > Site Text Colors > Link Color


changes the colors of most links including the first level of the navigation. Unfortunately any menu item underneath that still has the default blue link color. I've included a screen shot to show what I am referring to.


I know that this is a simple CSS change to fix this and indeed I do no how to do that so I'm not asking for help, I am simply making the point that this should be changed automatically when the above setting is changed.


Unless I'm missing something and this is intentionally like this for some reason or there is another setting somewhere that i need to change?

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Possibly a coding oversight.  I'm moving this to Ideas and Feedback and will report it as well.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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Thanks Rob Look forward to an upcoming version with this feature in place.

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