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New Post window is not showing all formatting options and widgets can't be dragged to the sections of choice.

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wp 3.6

paglines 2.4



Problems with Pagelines Framework.


01. On the new post page


- I use to be able to switch between visual and text view.

- the kitchen sink option and formatting buttons are not there.


see attachment 01 (this is the way it correctly shows on www.DallasDJDrop.com)

see attachment 02 (this is the improper way it shows on www.TheStreetKite.com)


I want it to show like DallasDJDrop.com


02. In the widgets area

- I use to have be able to drag my widget to the side bar sections by clicking and holding now I have to select add, then Im sent to a new page and then I have to select the widget area and placement position from a drop down menu.


see attachment 03 (this is how it shows incorrectly now in The StreetKite.com)

see attachment 04 (this is how I want it to show, like it is on DallasDjDrop.com)


At first I was thinking it had to do with the Pagelines Section plug in disappearing from my plugins section, but when I checked a few of my other sites, they don't have the pagelines section plugin installed and they're running ok.


TheStreetKite.com is the only site that have these problems, all the sites are running on Pagelines Framework and Wordpress.


Thanks in advance for any help, tips or suggestions.

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First in terms of the editing options in TheStreetKite.com, that screen has nothing to do with PageLines. It is controlled by Wordpress. So if something's affecting hit, then it must be a plugin.  PageLines simply adds the Meta Settings to that screen and does nothing to the text/visual editor.   I'd recommend disabling plugins.


Next, about the widgets, again, Wordpress is in full control of that page and Framework doesn't manage it.  We simply provide the sidebars you'd establish in Drag & Drop, then the addition of widgets is fully controlled by Wordpress.  Again, that screenshot doesn't look like anything we'd create and isn't related in any manner to our recently created DMS, therefore it must be a plugin causing it. 


When you deactivate the plugins, I'm pretty sure this will vanish and you'll see normal conditions.  Reactivate the plugins, one at a time and see which causes the conditions to resume.  That will tell you which caused the condition and which needs to be replaced.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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