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Still can't log into pagelines from within my website, can't use chat

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PageLines 2.4.4.


Don't know if I'm supposed to be able to log into pagelines via my website like I used to. I have pro version. Also, haven't been able to use Chat, which I used to use a lot and is the primary reason I pay $20/month. When is it going to be available to me?


Site: www.bostoncommons.net


Also, my site lost all of its margins. Pretty weird. Have no clue why.


I'm getting this error message: 

Fatal error: Call to undefined method W3_Plugin_TotalCacheAdmin::flush_all() in /home2/bcnet/public_html/wp-content/themes/pagelines/includes/class.render.css.phpon line 671

I installed DMS and didn't really like it so went back to Pagelines. Could this have caused the problem?




Please advise.





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As for your ability to login, I suspect something may have changed with your account. You can check this by writing to our helpdesk at [email protected] 


Please go to Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins and select the settings for the cache plugin.  Clear the cache, then immediately deactivate the cache plugin.  It is likely looking for something it cannot find anymore.


Go then to Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks, and without changing anything, save them (this updates the links in the database).


Plus has been converted to DMS subscriptions, and the chat system has been deprecated.  While Framework will continue, probably for at least 18 months or so, given our past history with PlatformPro and other products we're hoping customers will upgrade to DMS.  I understand it may not be as pleasing on first try as you may like, but it really is a fantastic product. 

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