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Please clarify difference between free dms and pro versions

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Just dawned on me that dms is free and Pagelines is charging me $15/month which was what I was paying for the LIVE CHAT which no longer exists.  Please tell me what I'm getting for 15/month that the free version doesnt have.


I'd be particularly interested in knowing which "pro tools" I'm paying for. 


Does the free version have access to support forums (which, incidentally, dont hold a candle to the live chat)?

I was informed that I can cancel the pro version at any time.

Can you switch between the Pricing levels?

Please: Next time you charge me for something that you no longer provide, and then "grandfather" me into something new, consult me first.  I purchased Pagelines for the live chat. I hadnt needed it in months but would have stopped paying for it long ago had I known you were going to do away with the chat without warning. 


Tahnks for clariying.

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Hi Peggy,


To clarify, DMS itself, in its most basic format is indeed free.  It has the PageLines watermark at the bottom, and only the most essential sections.  The watermark must remain in the free version. 


Your monthly subscription gives you use of the higher level sections, tools and plugins that make DMS work best, and it removes the watermark. All the variables for the three paid models are at http://www.pagelines.com/pricing.


While the free version is great, and you can do many nice things with it, knowing your site as I do, the things you've done already would not work very well in the free version.  If you're planing to pare down your site, then by all means, go with the free version, but after all that work we did to get your site to the look you desired,  it seems it would be a shame to lose most of those customizations.


Peggy, the live chat format, as you know, was not a one-on-one system.  To validate membership, it used a system we couldn't support anymore, resulting in the decision to stop using it for an official means of support. It is actually still there and works, but isn't moderated anymore.  It would be impossible to provide help to any one of the members with the massive volume of support that we've provided with the release of DMS.  I'm sure you're aware that one-on-one support in chat is much better than trying to help 20 people simultaneously.

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