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RebGood Inc.

DMS Developer - Crashed - Drag-n-Drop Editor

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RebGood Inc.
Hi Support,

I am not sure if you guys have seen anything relative to DMS crashing. We were close to wrapping up the layout for our site's front page and DMS crashed. Boo. :phew:

We were working from the drag n drop and added a full width section. Then we made an attempt to add the text box and thats when the crash occurred in the drag n drop view.

A couple of key points:
1. Editor Drag n Drop view does not show the front page layout with section, etc.
2. Close Editor and the sites front page show everything without issue.
3. Hit the publish/refresh button and you loose the work product for the front page (thankfully we have a backup via BackupBuddy).

Any input here? If you would like to take a look, it would be greatly appreciate. http://laser.rebgoodinc.com

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Wes Goodwin

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RebGood Inc.
Hi, I did a Backup Buddy restore, checked file permissions, and nothing seemed to resolve the issue. Well, I must admit I am saved for now. I clicked the undo all unpublished button. Of course, this resolved the issue. I am still not certain what caused the crash. Wes

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I'm looking at the footer of your site and see some errant code for Puppy.  Is that what caused the crash -- the addition of Puppy? Or was it something else you did?

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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RebGood Inc.
Hi Rob,

Negative on the puppy piece. It's most likely on too many unpublished changes which caused the crash. I installed the puppy plugin thereafter to tinker, but have not had time to update the public working copy.

You can close this ticket.

Wes Goodwin

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Thanks Wes!


Just in case, we're finding Wordpress SEO plugin is causing crashes on update.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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