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Jquery error - Intellectual Properties plugin/Google Map - DMS and Framework

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Having a hard time with a plugin and hoping someone can help. 


I'm using a plug-in called intellectual property real estate listing It was originally a Joomla plug-in that was recently converted to work with WordPress. One of the things that this plug-in does is create a few special pages when it's installed. One of them is an advanced search page that includes a Google map. whenever I try to access one of these special pages in DMS, I get the following:


As you can see, the front-end editor isn't loading due to a jquery error. At first, it looked like the error was related to the google map on the advanced search page, but I am also experiencing this same issue on many of the other special pages, just as the category pages, and the agent directory pages. These are all pages that are created by the plug-in automatically, and do not appear in the pages section in WordPress admin. I've also tested this plug-in with v2 and I get the same error, although there is no front end editor to break. the bottom line is that the content of the special pages is broken and cannot be displayed properly by either version 2 framework or DMS. the issue does not occur with the twentythirteen WordPress default theme. 


The front-end editor and page function properly when there are no property listings added to the site, they just don't contain any content. The "advanced search" function won't fire unless there is at least 1 property added. Then the page breaks.


I started a ticket with the plug-in developer, but I'm hoping to get some insight from others here as well to help the process along. I'm in the middle of the project that relies on this plug-in to work so I'm hoping I can find a way to not change themes. if anyone has any suggestions, or no if this might be a page lines above rather than a plug-in bug, I would really appreciate your input. Thanks!



desired appearance:

current appearance v2:

current appearance DMS (note that the header is borked too): 



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Hi, If you're having an issue with a plugin, you first need to contact the author of the plugin for support.

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As I stated in my post, I did contact the plugin developer first, and am awaiting information from them. However, I have reason to believe that the conflict is specific to DMS/Pagelines (since posting this topic, I have confirmed that the plugin functions properly in the Genesis Framework, as well as WP default themes), so it stands to reason that I might post it here as well. At the very least I would like to establish a point of contact in case the plugin dev needs to communicate with someone at PL in order to resolve the issue. There may also be people in this forum that are more familiar with this type of error and may be able to provide some insight as to why it is showing up. The purpose of this forum is to get support for these types of issues, is it not?

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The purpose of this forum is not in question, but it is to provide assistance and support in fixing issues in the use of our products.  Clearly, your plugin is, as you say, conflicting with DMS. Quite a few will.  Then again, some plugins conflict with each other, with themes, etc. etc. etc.  That is often caused by changes on the back end of 3rd party companies no one has control over.


The conflict with DMS caused by your plugin is something we'd not be able to fix -- at least not in the short term.  The likely cause is some javascript, ajax or jquery conflict.


Can you say how you apply this plugin to your site?

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