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    • nainarama
    • Anthony CALCI
      By Anthony CALCI+
    • ppotent
      By ppotent+
      All of a sudden, my account is on hold, and my order from jul 2016 says that it's failed. What's the best way to contact the pagelines account folks?
    • Scott Clendaniel
      By Scott Clendaniel+
      Hi folks, T. Scott Clendaniel here.  Somehow I am still paying for two subscriptions, #144908 and #168952.  Please cancel both ASAP.  Thanks very much!!!!
    • TallTree
      By TallTree+
      This page: https://www.pagelines.com/extensions/dms-snow/
      Tells me that the Snow extension "is totally free for all users that have an active subscription, just check your account page!"
      I do not see the extension anywhere on the account page, and after logging in, and adding the extension to my cart, it still wants to charge me 25$.
      My subscription is indeed still active.  Can someone please tell me how to get this extension?  I would like to add it over the holidays.