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Pagelines Translation

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    • Pagelines Transtalions Center - How to aprove 'waiting' transtaltions?
      By butcher+
      As I mentioned in the topic. How to aprove translated phrases in the Pagelines Translation Center. I've translater and modified a lot of phrases in the Polish Translation and it's been few weeks right now and they are still waitng for who ?!
      The previous one were pretty awfully translated by some childish (I guess) Paweł Chrobak (beefens) who has no idea what 'Features' means and don't know the specifics of Pagelines... I really want to get this done. 
      Please help
      Your big fan
    • Translation center? What happened to my translations?
      By attac+
      I tried to add some translations in the Translation center for Norwegian. Now it seems that what I added is gone, while the translations that are there seems to be done by Google translate...?
      What happened?
      Also there is a small error in the translation center: Norwegian translations should also be specified as either nb_NO (Norwegian bokmål) or nn_NO (Norwegian nynorsk). You can probably go with nb_NO, as that is what is most widely used.