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I am hitting my head against a wall.


I wish to add and use a PostLoop in a template to be able to view in the pages created with that template a Loop of the, say, last 5 Posts that are from the Category relevant to the different pages created with this template.


The PostLoop seems to be in the Content area and active, but I find no where to set the category (or tag) that I wish to use to filter the results, and anyway it is not showing any posts on the pages.


What am I missing? And how can this be done?


Thanks from a very newbie








Pagelines Framework

WP 3.6

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Hi Adam,


The postloop cannot be used to select a category to display. When it is in a category template and you browse to different categories, it displays as many posts as WordPress is set to display or as many as Framework is told to display.


If you're trying to do something out of the norm, such as a custom homepage with both general posts and posts by category, use Special Recent Posts plugin. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/special-recent-posts/


SRP can display posts from one category or many and since it uses shortcode, you can have it display posts from multiple categories on the same page.

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