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eCommerce & DMS

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I am in the process of evaluating DMS for use on client sites.  Has anyone out there successfully used DMS with a shopping cart plugin as yet ? 


We were originally looking at Tribulant or WooCommerce, but would be interested to hear of any success or horror stories out there. 



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That's great.  thanks for the reply.   We will go ahead and test both and report back if Tribulant works OK.  I'm relieved to hear that at least Woocommerce works well. 


Thanks again. 

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DMS is the backbone of our own site, using WooCommerce for eCommerce.  http://www.pagelines.com/shop

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Crusty do a search for "checkout" or "SSL Site" on the main forum and then you decide. Thats the only issue I have seen anybody have with any ecommerce plugins.

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      Details: It says DMS2 supports WooCommerce, but when I try to use it the plugin just breaks the DMS2 framework, looks like DMS2 does not support any ecommerce plugin, I have contacted a "third party member" Ellen Moore which she has created some solutions for past Pagelines WooCommerce builds and she says she is working on an update for the plugin. My client is waiting for the page to be finished and I cannot continue. Botton line is that I need to create a store. Please offer a solution.
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