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2 issues with the Features slider

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We are experiencing two issues with our Features slider.


1) The three images don't rotate in IE8.  They will rotate in all other browsers including IE9. 

2) When the page first loads, the images (again in the Features slider) appear large and pixelated (sp?) and then size down correctly and appear clean.  How can we best get the image to appear at their correct size and cleanly on the initial page load?  (Note: The aspect height option is selected and we are using an aspect mode ratio of 3.419)


The site can be found here


Thanks in advance. 

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Well here's the scoop.


Aspect ratio does not work in IE (any version) the same way it does in Firefox, Chrome or other browsers.  IE cannot handle the resizing of images, in any measure.  The solution to that is use your graphics editor, resize and crop your images as they should appear and set them to static height.


As for the transition issues in IE8, the feature sliders use javascript to control the movement, and recently, WordPress has pushed some updates.  Likely IE8, as with IE7, cannot cope with those versions of javascript, nor jquery (another part of the slider). The slides will simply not transition on their own.  Probably they do with a click on the little buttons below.


Unfortunately, we cannot fix that browser.  And the later versions of javascript/jquery are needed to make it work in other browsers.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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Thanks for the info One Smart.  Making the Height "Static" resolved the issue. 

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So very glad to hear that!

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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