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Fabio Duranti

Space between columns - Tip

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Fabio Duranti
I'm doing a lot of experiments with DMS before finally adopting it, I like to do a bit of debugging and suggest improvements.
For example, it would be interesting to choose the space between the columns that currently can not be modified, except by editing the file variables.less from line 102 to line 111.
In practice, the width of 1/12 of the columns inserted in the file variables.less, is determined by the width of the space between them with the formula:
(100 - (space_columns * 11)) / 12, both in the case of what percentage or per pixel.
A function then adjusts all, based on the number and characteristics of the columns.
A useful option would be to make editable space between the columns (for example, I love to keep them tighter), and let the system recalculate the percentage or the number of pixels of the correct width of the columns.
Given the structure of the system (very well done, congratulations!), It is easy to implement this useful option in "Global Options".
What do you think?  :thumbsu:

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It sounds great and I'll recommend it to our developers, but please keep in mind that the system is based on  Twitter Bootstrap. so the control over the spacing between columns, for example, is somewhat out of our control.

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