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Hero Nav Hero Nav in Pagelines Framework post DMS

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I purchased Pagelines Framework, but purchased Hero Nav after the release of DMS. I have a site under development now with Framework, and I am not yet ready to use DMS, and do not want to have to rework my site prior to launch with DMS. 


I have DMS on a local host installation in order to learn how to use it as I have time. The Hero Nav section I got works on DMS.


I have tried everything I know how to try in order to get the Hero Nav download/s I have to work with Framework, but I can't get them to work. I have tried installing it as a plugin. And I've tried unzipping it and adding it ftp to pagelines sections. I have contacted the Help Desk, and explained the situation. They gave me a download called It would not install as a zip file at all. I tried unzipping it and adding it ftp to pagelines-sections, but with exactly the same result. I could not find in the documentation any information on installing a section other than installing it as a plugin, or unzipping it and adding it manually to pagelines-sections.


What I get when I unzip Hero Nav and then add it ftp to pagelines-sections, then to the header section of the Template, then go to Site Options, Global Settings, Hero Nav, Hero Nav always says custom page. I watched the video, because Hero Nav works with my DMS installation. But with Framework, I can't get to the point that the video starts. I have experimented with all the combinations of menu options, and theme customizations that I can think of. 


I have also:


searched the Framework forum, I have looked in the Documentation (there is nothing on Hero Nav in the Framework Documentation), I was told by the forum support to contact the Help Desk, and maybe they could help me, and the Help Desk gave me a different download ( but no matter what I do, I always get exactly the same result with Framework. custom page My menu is gone, and all I have are three small lines horizontal lines on the upper left of the header.


Maybe there is something small I'm missing about the setup of Hero Nav in Framework. It's the first section I have purchased and tried to install. But I can't get it work to with Framework, 

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Hey zferrell,


Sorry to hear you're having such trouble getting it to work with framework.  Hero Nav was originally developed for use with v2 and made compatible for DMS as well.  The section does still support Framework.


After doing some testing, I see what you mean!


Here's what I would suggest for now:


Method 1)

Try installing the section through the built-in store in Framework.

(wp-admin) > PageLines > Store under Sections > Top Premium -- you'll need to be logged into your PageLines account to do that under PageLines > Dashboard > Your Account.)


if that doesn't work..


Method 2)


Open your zip that you got from (the one that works with dms right?).

Inside you should see 1 file and a 'sections' directory.  Open that sections directory, inside you'll see 'hero-nav'.  Unzip that somewhere, and stand-by to use it.

From there, upload that directory into your '/plugins/pagelines-sections/sections/' directory.


That should do it.  I've been told that installing the section as a plugin is supposed to work with v2 but I really don't see how that is possible, although I could be wrong..  I've looked at the code.

Anyways, that's where it would go back in the v2 days if you were to install it through the store.


I'm guessing when you tried to install it there before that you the whole plugin version of it there, rather than just the 'hero-nav' folder that is inside the 'hero-nav/sections/' directory.



Let me know what happens!

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I had to use Method 2, the download for Hero Nav mysteriously disappeared when I tried to install it through the store. But I have it installed and working now.


Thanks so much! 

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Great, glad to hear everything is working ok now :)

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