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Viewport Animation - The Amazing Disappearing Content!

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Hi all,


Anyone had any issues when using the Viewport Animation?


If I select it, say from the left on a text box, it disappears from the front end in chrome (I can see the content in the textbox settings, just not in the textbox itself) but it is visable in FireFox.  However, if I go to a tablet (Galaxy Note 10.1) with FireFox on Android, it isn't visable at all.


We checked this on various machines with OS and browser combo's.  It is only on Chrome and the tablet where nothing is visable.


Any ideas?



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It happen to me as well. Only happen for some textbox. I couldn't view in safra and firefox. After remove viewpoint animation, it will reappear it again.

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Can someone provide me a link to view this?

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Rob they are all turned off now on the live site but I will try and reproduce it on my test server. The server is down at the moment so I will try again tomorrow if I get time. I'm thinking there are some serious issues with all of this animation business.


In case I dont get to reproduce it I will explain, sometimes in the Visual Editor on Chrome if you create a TextBox and put some text in there then apply an animation to it lets say from left to right, you are no longer able to see the content because it has applied the animation even in the Visual Editor, you can still see and edit the content if you go to edit and look in the editing options area at the bottom.


Logged in and doing the same within Firefox even though you cannot edit anything it displays correctly.


Also the affected box will not display in firefox on the tablet.

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